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Meet Enza

Marketing Supervisor

Electrical and Communications Business-Electronics
3Mer since 2005

Enza / Marketing Supervisor

It is a great team environment and the people I work with are very knowledgeable and encouraging and that gives me the confidence to do my job even better.

3M's quick response to my online application drew me in to the company right away. A 3M recruiter recognized my skill set, Bachelor of Science degrees, customer service work experience and bilingual abilities, as an asset to 3M and interviewed me within two days of applying. I decided to accept an entry-level position to get exposure to various business practices and prove myself worthwhile in hopes of being offered a full time position. Seven years later, I consider it a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful team and continue to be surrounded by an abundance of knowledge. There is no lack of opportunities at 3M. The great team environment fosters growth in each individual, and in turn, the success of the company as a whole.

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Meet Tony

Business Analyst

Consumer and Office Business
3Mer Since 2001

Tony / Business Analyst

What I like most about 3M is the innovation. I usually have four to five projects going on at a time, so there’s always something interesting to learn.

While working at 3M Kenya, I had the opportunity to take a 3Mer from Australia to visit some of my customers. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting involved and meeting people. A year later, this 3Mer became president of the Canadian subsidiary. It was not long after his appointment that I reached out to him about my interest in a job position at the 3M Canada headquarters. I applied through the normal internal process and shortly after, I was hired as a Business Analyst. I am proof that networking opens doors that would otherwise seem shut.

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Meet Doug

Technical Specialist

Customer Service Laboratory
3Mer since 1997

Doug / Technical Specialist

Working in the 3M laboratory fills my appetite for knowledge and being able to access 3M's global scientific community is the best resource to learn from.

As a scientist with an engineering background, 3M's culture of innovation attracted me. Typically, science and engineering is thought of as being very theoretical, but it energized me to take a position where my research and development contributions can lead to new products people could buy. A key 3M advantage is the wealth of information the company offers its employees to work with and use to build a solid scientific career. There is a certain pride when you're associated with 3M because of its strong presence in the global business community, and its power brands like Scotch-Brite™ and Scotchgard™. In my current role as a technical specialist, I support a wide range of products in markets including health care, education, commercial and food services. I meet customers face-to-face to understand their pain points and return to the lab to find solutions. Above all, 3M is a company of acceptance; there is no barrier between the company and its employees. I can't imagine working anywhere else.

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Meet Jim

Business Manager

Track and Trace
3Mer Since 1985

Jim / Business Manager

At 3M, career possibilities seem endless. Employees can start as an engineer and become a business manager.

After I graduated with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, I applied at every multinational in London, Ontario. I didn’t know a lot about 3M, but enjoyed a candid interview about solving a real issue in the plant with several employees and it felt like the right fit. What really appealed to me was the broad exposure I’d have at 3M and I knew the breadth of 3M’s product line would keep my life interesting. That theory holds through over twenty-five years later. I learn something new every day whether it’s technical, business-related or through coaching others. Each role has built a foundation of skills to rely on with each new opportunity or challenge presented to me at 3M.

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Meet Sherry


Supply Chain
3Mer since 1980

Sherry / Manager

You can go as far as you want to go at 3M.

3M is a great place to work. There is a sense of camaraderie here where people talk to each other and care about personal and professional milestones. I’ve been at 3M since graduating high school and am fortunate the company encourages continuing education. Throughout my first few years at 3M, I took night school courses at a local university and college and ended up earning my business degree. Later, I received my master's in business administration through distance learning. The company’s tuition reimbursement program meant I could keep my job while getting credentials for future positions with minimal financial investment. For two positions, I went to 3M in the United States for courses and on-the-job training. I also take many of the training courses held by the human resources department to enhance my skills. I enjoy learning and find formal education reinforces what you already know, but the most valuable training is learning hands-on.

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Meet Kevin

Operations Leader

Brockville, Ontario Tape Plant
3Mer since 1986

Kevin / Operations Leader

Even after 24 years, my confidence in the company, and the wonderful new talents it hires, grows daily.

For me, 3M was the company of choice. I found the reputation, global nature and diversity of products manufactured all very attractive. The people make things easy at 3M, it’s reassuring when you wake up each morning knowing you work for a great company with excellent people who all want to do a great job and succeed. One of the greatest things about problem solving at 3M is its diverse employees. Everyone brings different perspectives, backgrounds, skills, experiences and with all the right input, we end up doing the right thing. That’s pretty neat for such a huge organization.

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Meet Janette

Director, Human Resources

London, Ontario
3Mer since 1994

Janette / Marketing Supervisor

I've had great mentors and managers who value my life outside of 3M, as much as they value my work within 3M

When I made the move to 3M, I intended to change companies every three years to keep my life interesting, my mind fresh and to take on increasing responsibility. Now, over 17 years later, I have been proactive in pursuing a variety of career paths and still haven’t needed to look beyond 3M.

I've had the opportunity to work in numerous roles across the organization; from plant engineering to human resources to product and quality engineering to a technical management role with the R&D Lab.

Now I am the Human Resources Director for 3M Canada and am able to continue to champion employee development initiatives to ensure strong talent for the future. 3M is the kind of company any engineer dreams of working for, not only because it is well-known and admired, but also for its wide offering of products, from medical tape to sand paper.

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Meet Britta

Director, Business Services

London, Ontario
3Mer since 1998

Britta / Director, Business Services

I love the culture, and I know after I fulfil my duties in my current role, there’s a new challenge around the corner for me to take on.

When I began looking for a career after University, I was determined to find a large, well-established company to work for. A position posted for 3M in the university’s faculty of management recruiting office intrigued me because I recognized the reputable company and I knew there would be many opportunities there, but I had plans to move on in a couple of years. I accepted my first role in the company and soon gained exposure to its many different areas. 14 years later, I’ve enjoyed a very diverse career with sales, marketing, and management roles in several different businesses. I’m still here because I love the culture, and I know after I fulfil my duties in my current role, there’s a new challenge around the corner for me to take on.

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Meet Carla

Public Relations Supervisor

Corporate Services
3Mer since 2011

Carla / Public Relations Supervisor

The working environment here suits me really well – challenging, flexible and collaborative, with strong support from my peers and supervisors.

I call myself a 3M Canada rookie having worked here for less than a mere year. There isn’t a day that passes that I don't learn something new, whether I learn about a product we sell or the intricacies of producing sandpaper. The depth and breadth of this company is extremely impressive; it's so much more than the consumer products, like Post-it Notes and Scotch Brand Tape, which I had known before joining 3M as an employee.

I was drawn to 3M as a prospective employee because it's so widely known for being an innovative and ethical company. Plus, the working environment here suits me really well – challenging, flexible and collaborative, with strong support from my peers and supervisors.

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Meet Leslie


Customer Service
3Mer Since 1999

Leslie / Supervisor

3M is a fantastic place to work and it certainly lives up to my expectations of an employer.

Every day in customer service is an adventure with new problems to solve and new opportunities to explore with people in person, on the phone and online. Although it’s a challenging department, I’d like to think we’re the envy of 3M. We work hard, but in the middle of it, we make time to enjoy ourselves. We try to keep things light with activities and peer recognition from our rewards and recognition team. When I saw an opportunity for a position at 3M, I jumped at the chance. 3M is a fantastic place to work and it certainly lives up to my expectations of an employer, in fact, I might even be so bold as to say it goes well beyond them. One of my very favourite things about 3M is I don’t have to change who I am to work here.

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Meet Jacqui

Marketing Communications Supervisor

3M Unitek
3Mer since 2010

Jacqui / Marketing Communications Supervisor

You can go as far as you want to go at 3M.

I began my 3M career as an intern in the public relations department in 2007, which soon transitioned into a contract position. I feel fortunate I got to see the breadth of the company in that role, and knew when the right job arose, I’d apply. Now, I’m travelling North America, meeting and working with orthodontists, and building my skill set to fulfill my goals and move up in the company. From the excellent benefits, education and employment opportunities to the diverse products, social clubs and community involvement, my 3M experience has been nothing short of stellar.

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Meet Vincent

Senior Account Representative - IPS

3M Health Care
3Mer since 2009

Vincent / Senior Account Representative - IPS

Improving patient care daily with 3M products is amazing.

With a passion for the medical industry and a desire to transition to a great organization, 3M was a no brainer. I accepted a position in the Infection Prevention Solutions division where I quickly established and began to nurture new customer relationships.

At 3M Canada we are fortunate to have a combination of both new and seasoned co-workers who are ready to help at anytime. Our managerial team is very accessible and eager to hear of feedback to help improve customer relations. With six different businesses in our health care portfolio, I feel that there are various opportunities for personal growth.

I have found that the unique combination of hard work, great team-mates, high quality products and strong customer relationships have provided me an outstanding platform for success. I am certainly looking at a long and rewarding career at 3M, where the opportunities are countless.

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